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At the other end of the cost spectrum, most new cars now offer a Bluetooth enabled hands-free system as standard or optional equipment. While buying a new car isn't the most affordable way to get a hands-free system, if you're already in the market for a new car or truck, a built-in system usually offers the best overall calling solution. 

Hands-free calling systems vary widely from one car manufacturer to the next. Variables include whether the car has a flat-panel display, call buttons on the steering wheel, and so on. The best hands-free systems in today's new vehicles push the state-of-the-art with simple phone pairing, easy-to-hear phone conversations through your car's speakers, and intuitive call buttons on your steering wheel (which let you answer and make calls without ever taking your hands off the wheel). 

Some hands-free car systems can even import all the contacts, appointments, and other information from your phone, letting you view them on your car's flat-panel display. You can often phone contacts with a voice command — just by saying "Phone home," for example. Many luxury cars have large flat-panel displays that make it easy to see your contacts and other calling information.

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