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Hand-held search light a range of powerful Professional look for lighting has been designed for, safety and cautious. The light comes with variety of user specific function for highest possible usage. 

Technical Specification.
Shell and Fitting
Tubular, heavy duty moulded seamless 3mm thick ABS construction strong contoured Handle. Front cap with resting support to prevent rolling on any surface. Adjustable nylon shoulder strap.

Light Source
12 V 55 W Halogen Lamp fitted in specially designed parabolic reflector with toughened glass dome having a very powerful range of 800mt (apprx.) 

Control Circuit
Reliable micro controller based design with contract less MOSFET switch using industrial grade components for high reliability and years of trouble free service. The built - in SMPS Battery charger employs the world's most efficient switch mode design providing unique features like thermal shut - down and protection against all abnormal conditions. 

Operating Temperature From - 20 degree to + 50 degree Centigrade 

Direct: For continuous operation upto 1 hour
Dim - 1: For continuous operation upto 2 hour
Dim - 2: For continuous operation upto 5 hour
Timer: The light shuts off automatically after a fixed time period (prest for 15, 30, 45 or 60s)
Flash: 45 Auto Flashes / Min approx.

Battery Charger
A very high quality switch mode Battery Charger will from a Mains voltage 90 - 270 Volts. The CC/CV design is optimized to charge the Battery at a current of 1 Amp + 10% while limiting the battery voltage to 14.4 V. 

Protection Charger
Short Circuit, Over Charge, Reversed Battery (Through Fuse), Battery Deep Discharge Charging Period The recommended time fully charge the battery after the Battery low indicator lits is 8 hours. The recommended time to fully charge the Battery after the Battery has been cut off due to deep discharge is 10 hours.

Dragun Light

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